The How

Text Editor

Whatever one is doing to educate themselves writing tools are necessary. In the world of online education a pencil is no good. Given that, a good text editor will suffice.

PSPad is comparable to RJ TextEd, or Geany. Both top notch and familiar to me. RJ TextEd and PSPad catch and parse compiler output, integrate external help files and compare
versions. Good general IDE’s. All three are portable requiring no installation. Each feature their own set of plugins.

PSPad offers integrated HEX Editor, Project support, FTP Client, Macro Recorder, File Search/Replace, Code Explorer and Code page conversion. Only drawback so far is that it is Czech developed so the community is predominatly incomprehensible to me. However there is an english section to the forums. Documentation and help for english users is none too shabby. I feel people who are new to the more advanced text editors like Np++, Notepad2,vim, Ultra Edit or Gedit might find it easier to start utilizing the advanced capabilities these programs offer via RJ TextEd or PSPad. My 2 Cents. I would also like to point windows users to this little gem below.

Note Pad Replacer

The How

Writing html by hand

I know writing by hand is a very powerful mental exercise.
I would love to spend more time doing it.

I needed 4 try’s to produce a half legible correct html document with a pen and it was downright painful. So difficult mainly because of my severely deprecated handwriting. I could certainly benefit from some polishing of my handwriting. This is a perfect subject for me to practice on.