The How

So who remember’s what a magazine smells like??

Ah yes the good ol’ days huh? Before we could do

I miss books in general. Not to say the internet killed books but i will say the internet is almost on the verge of killing books.

I can’t tell you the last time I picked up a book and just read it till it was over. I can recall doing  significantly less than that and not more as far back as 2010.  So 2010 is when paper material died for me. The internet has ushered in reading habits that are more conducive to pick and choose.  I miss sitting down with a book and not being able to even consider anything else until it was over.  The strain on my ability to focus, the transition away from printed material has brought me, is not trivial certainly. I fear computers are a long way from being able to capture people’s attention in the way a paper novel can.

I love when i’m reading something online that I can check on a word or phrases etymology without picking up a different book. On the flip side nothing smells as good as a 20,000 page webster from the 40’s. In this fast paced world I can’t say what we have potentially lost or at least shook up during this transition is a negative. However I must say that I am very glad to have spent my formative years living in a world before interactive choose your own adventures and the overwhelming hordes of opinion pieces the web spawns.