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My recent undertakings

The following list was the intended points of my last post if you didn’t pick up on that it’s because I didn’t get to it. To avoid similar mishaps stacking upon one another starting nowish I’ll dive right in.

First what, then where. Unless they go hand in hand.

My Profile @ Khan Academy
My Smarterer Scorecard
Art of Problem Solving
Me @ Codecademy
Open Study
Introduction to Complexity by The Santa Fe Institute
Mozilla Open Badge Backpack

When I started this blog, with the exception of P2pu, I was doing essentially nothing productive. Now I have three blogs going and the slew of skill grabbing scrambling activities partially documented above. However I have become severely addicted to online coursework. .Represented above is the gist of what I have done. Barely scraping the surface of the platforms, communities and tools I have made use of to some extent in the past two months. I intend on giving some reviews, highlights and general observations in the following few posts. As well as showcase a few projects of mine.