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First perfect Coderbyte’s score! Nothing to get all whooped up about for any beyond halfass scripter I’m sure. Still since I am barely a halfass scripter it deserves a whoop.

I’ve been through almost everything on codecademy, plus bits and bytes from other code golf or learn to code themed sites from across the web. I’ve designed and launched a website or two and felt around the insides of some, “You gotta know this!” cms and blogging platforms enough to hold my own or hook a function. Literally spent hundreds more realistically thousands of hours reading and bashing my brain against this stuff for the better part of a year now.

All this while in the back of my head I’ve had this thought. “Once I can start doing coderbytes challenges within the ten minute limit or start doing anything whatsoever on Project Euler then I will be nearing a level of competence with which I can say that I have achieved my goal.” I will have then graduated to a half ass coder + 1/2. A marvelous start.

As my father sometimes jokes, “It’s good enough for the girls we go with.” and whether or not that holds true when the time comes. It’s certainly good enough for me.