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I spent time here. Scraping my pen against 5x the amount of  little yellow slices of tree necessary to produce this fine armoire….. felt absolutely moronic. I began to merge the image into my post. Immediately, I laugh. Very unsatisfactorily though. More like getting punched in the stomach. My brain catches up to its own sense of humor, quickly. Alerts itself to how this poor jokers pitiful failure is not something for laughing at. I must fight the temptation to gloss over this pitiful confusion.

Happily involved in a self driven, online course designed to get my feet wet in html and basic image manipulation; online. The assignments come out of my computer screen into my brain. It’s my job to spit it back into the computer. My sheen goes all over it. “Look everyone! Do you see? I get it!” Just beaming with good job me.

There is no reason here for such fuss. Where does it say to take this assignment and put it on my dresser? How could I fail to expect post-it notes to need doctoring? They should and could easily be covered with: lighter, cheaper, neater and just plain ol’ better, yellow squares of pixels? Primo canvases craving those thick, black and legible fonts. Right?

I would fire that guy if I couldn’t demote him; me, anyone, you.

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