The Reflecting Pool


Hey look!! I’ve been here before.

Downright quiescent around here lately, eh?

The high price to pay for a knowledge seeker whom has abjured a formal education. Six autogenous, qualified, adjectives took a stroll down subjective street. Allegedly keen, seemingly informed, undeniably capable. Fastidiously feckless, intrinsically inert, effectively ineffectual. Therein lies my issue.

Keeping in mind, description of oneself, from a myriad of perspectives under the light of any mood conceivable, is all to simple. One more stab. I am a tangle of conflict such that, were I in someone’s tackle box, they would get out their knife the moment I were needed. Lest they go mad attempting to decipher and work out my chaotic knotted winding. Or so it seems from in here.

To be continued. Theoretically this afternoon