Contributor's Corner

Huzzah my first blog post!!

A friend of mine has been attempting to get me more interested in online technology and the seemingly endless possibilities waiting to be taken advantage of by people like him and I. He has continuously brought to my attention that I, much like himself usually, just lack the motivation to take any initiative toward doing something to change our current positions. Much of our time together he will bounce ideas off me and i will try to give my perspective. Resolutions are scarce because we usually trail off onto some other topics. It is when we try to think back to a previous point we will not recall for at least another twenty minutes, we are once again reminded how much we both lack the ability to follow through or even follow up on what we considered worth discussion such a short time ago. Just like right now for example, I was intending on explaining the reasons why I would be intrigued into the badges and many other things i knew nothing about before my visit to his house. He breaks things down for me in a way I never could have realized seemed so simple. He has made many good points and sense out of nonsense. Im done now.

Thanks, Forsure I’m gladĀ Yunome.