The How

Virtual Clouds

You run the sort of business that has some responsibility for client assets or information. We do not know one another. For whatever reason, I have to guess whether you would favor the thought of your employees practicing B.Y.O.D.
I feel one who plays the odds would only be able to doubt your willingness to accept such a concept. Which is why I should be mistaken whilst you are being a genius.
Why? Because you are on the frontier. You understand that the security risks of 2010 are prehistoric. You have done the cost analysis or whatever magic you do up there. It has shown you that letting people bring their own computers, and phones to work, saves you incalculable yet decidedly huge amounts of money on equipment. Added bonus projections have your employees sucking up much less cabbage to maintain their edge on the competition. Seeing as how they are much more comfortable and confident with their own tools they just seem to “get it” easier. Say goodbye to those pricey personnel training consultants huh?
All this because of something entirely un-different than before. Straight out of right field where it’s been for more than a while now…comes virtual clouds.