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My recent undertakings

The following list was the intended points of my last post if you didn’t pick up on that it’s because I didn’t get to it. To avoid similar mishaps stacking upon one another starting nowish I’ll dive right in.

First what, then where. Unless they go hand in hand.

My Profile @ Khan Academy
My Smarterer Scorecard
Art of Problem Solving
Me @ Codecademy
Open Study
Introduction to Complexity by The Santa Fe Institute
Mozilla Open Badge Backpack

When I started this blog, with the exception of P2pu, I was doing essentially nothing productive. Now I have three blogs going and the slew of skill grabbing scrambling activities partially documented above. However I have become severely addicted to online coursework. .Represented above is the gist of what I have done. Barely scraping the surface of the platforms, communities and tools I have made use of to some extent in the past two months. I intend on giving some reviews, highlights and general observations in the following few posts. As well as showcase a few projects of mine.

The Why

Why P2PU is for me and probably you.

Success in this world hinges on a few basic personal attributes.

  1. Luck
  2. Intelligence
  3. Gumption

These three factors are meaningless however without consideration of the most important aspect of survival, networking. Strong networks of interpersonal associations can boost unlucky, stupid, lazy people to an existence most only dream of. (Though you might have a hard time not chocking that up to luck)

If you are anything like me you would not mind being smarter right? Sure. However I think most people would take accreditation from a prestigious authority over a flat 5 or 10 point IQ point boost. Since the latter is not available to us anyways we must do what we can to gain endorsements from others who have already proven themselves credible. Hopefully in the process one may pick up a bit of that internal processing power that may translate to IQ. Processing power increases including additional nodes in the form of transistors or in our brains neurons.

I’m interested  in P2PU for both accreditation and knowledge. The second I would say I have a lot of though it’s unfocused. Accreditation i have little or none. For a host of reasons from mistakes of the past, personal traits and societal or institutional shortcomings. I have always been an intellectually motivated person. When I wake up at 28 and painfully decide my life of neutrality is the absolute wrong choice. What is one to do? I would like to  look into my memories all my life and  find harmony in what I find there. This, I feel, should be automatic.  If a person can avoid enough negative aspects of our reality to stay beyond serious desperation. It is usually good enough to avoid any serious self replicating defeatist tendencies. 

Person to Person University holds greater potential for accreditation  in real terms than any traditional institution. At this exact moment this is not the valuation of things perhaps. However here are some reasons I am confident systems designed with the principles that spawned open badges and P2Pu are the surest bets in town.

  • We do not live in this moment.
  • Processing power increases via additional nodes in the form of transistors or neurons. A node or switch of any kind.
  • Traditional institutions made of brick, mortar, paper and living people are at severe disadvantage in their capacity for adding extra nodes.
    • Due to cost
    • Decreasing rate of return human networks yield in said processing.
    • Physical space issues
  • Human beings are evolving toward some sort of collective consciousness via our new fangled technological capabilities.
    • Traditional education systems are again in poor position to compete.
    • This may sound odd to some. Consider that in the eyes of people just a few generations removed from you. It’s likely that in many cases to them we are as good as having a telepathic conversation as you read this because I am across town eating beef wellington and scratching my summer strawberry scratch and sniff shark sticker.
  • Self directed learning will always trump indoctrination.
    • It does not detract from what makes a person unique rather it encourages individuality. No one needs 800 red crayons.
    • Choosing your own areas of study has a much healthier affect upon a persons gumption related attributes, so to speak.
  • Free. Nuff Said.

So with that being said I look forward to my time here with all of you at the anywhere, everywhere, anyone university known as P2PU.

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