The Reflecting Pool


Hey look!! I’ve been here before.

Downright quiescent around here lately, eh?

The high price to pay for a knowledge seeker whom has abjured a formal education. Six autogenous, qualified, adjectives took a stroll down subjective street. Allegedly keen, seemingly informed, undeniably capable. Fastidiously feckless, intrinsically inert, effectively ineffectual. Therein lies my issue.

Keeping in mind, description of oneself, from a myriad of perspectives under the light of any mood conceivable, is all to simple. One more stab. I am a tangle of conflict such that, were I in someone’s tackle box, they would get out their knife the moment I were needed. Lest they go mad attempting to decipher and work out my chaotic knotted winding. Or so it seems from in here.

To be continued. Theoretically this afternoon

The How

Hosting & DNS

Plugin Error

Plugin Error

Godaddy is no good for wordpress.

Take a look at: this and this.

I get this plugin error constantly and there seems to be no clear cut simple fix.

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t specifically research my needs thoroughly enough before selecting godaddy for my hosting. I registered my domain with them and the package deal was very attractive.

In regard to DNS configuration it was easy as pie since I hosted where I registered.

Step One: Nothing.

Boom bam donezo just like that. Too good to be true right? Yep.

I’m currently looking into a refund on hosting. After a few hours of reading that I should of done yesterday,  I recommend anyone intending on purchasing hosting check out Bestwebhosting360.